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Welcome to our website. As you peruse our site, please take the opportunity to view the scheduled upcoming events, register for valuable English and Math programs, read educational articles, and take advantage of the exclusive benefits as a member at Think & Write. Whether you are looking for general information related to your child’s education or guidance on a specific issue, you have come to the right place. Here you will find information on the Think & Write’s many programs and resources including New York State standardized tests, various scholarship opportunities, summer and winter programs, and student volunteer opportunities.

Since 2009, Think & Write has been committed to enriching the minds of its students, focusing not only on academics, but also on student’s character development, guiding students and parents toward the appropriate path. Think & Write has widely been recognized as one of, if not the most effective private education centers on Long Island.

As an educator – as a director, teacher, mentor, and consultant – I have dedicated and continue to devote myself in creating meaningful relationships with students, faculty, and parents: relationships from which great learning and impacts can arise. With care and passion, our strongly committed faculty engages every learning moment in the development of student knowledge, skills, mindsets, and character. We meet every student in pursuit of individual and cooperative excellence. Thus, our goal is to send Think & Write students, as lifelong learners with tremendous well-being, into the world to serve the greater good.

I hope you find what you are looking for and visit this site often, as we continuously update it to provide you with the most current information. I look forward to hearing from you whether by a compliment, a suggestion or a complaint.

Ellin Kim

  • Teachers College, Columbia University: College Counseling Certification 2017
  • Teachers College, Columbia University: MA in TESOL/English Education K-12 The Milton Petrie Fellowship recipient at Columbia University
  • Rutgers University: BA French Literature / Flute Performance, BP AMOCO Scholarship Recipient
  • Community volunteer: THINK & HELP, THINK SYMPHONY,, teen counseling
  • Public school teacher 2006, 2007
  • F.H LaGuardia H.S of Arts and Performing Arts, N.Y: Flute Performance
  • Bloomingdale School of Music Scholarship recipient (Flute)
  • NYSSMA participant (Flute)
  • Scholarship Cellist at NY Philharmonic
  • NCTE
  • Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project
  • International Reading Association
  • Presidential Volunteer Services Award
  • MAA
  • AFT
  • 2009 August – Arrondi Enriched Learning and Consulting, Inc. is incorporated
  • 2010 August – Think & Write program is formed
  • 2010 July – Think & Write ISP (Intensive Summer Program) NY
  • 2011 September – Think & Solve program is formed
  • 2012 July – Think & Write ISP New York
  • 2012 February – Italy, Switzerland cultural program with Think & Write
  • 2012 November – Spain, Portugal cultural program with Think & Write
  • 2013 July – Think & Write ISP New York
  • 2013 July – ISEP (Intensive Summer English Program) Seoul, Korea
  • 2013 November – England, France, The Netherlands cultural program with Think & Write
  • 2013 December – IWEP (Intensive Winter English Program) Seoul, Korea
  • 2014 February – Personii Student Volunteer Group is formed
  • 2014 July – Think & Write ISP New York
  • 2014 December – IWEP Seoul, Korea
  • 2015 December – IWEP Seoul, New York
  • 2016 July – Think & Write ISP New York
  • 2017 September – THINK & HELP Student Volunteer Group is launched
  • 2017 November – THINK SYMPHONY is formed
  • 2018 April – Spain, Portugal cultural program with Think & Write
  • 2018 December – IWEP Seoul, New York
  • 2018 December – THINK & HELP Fundraises $3600.00
  • 2018 November – THINK SYMPHONY Concert Series launched
  • 2019 July – Think & Write ISP New York
  • 2019 August – THINK & HELP Ecuador Volunteer Trip