Who are We?

Our educational consulting firm was established in 2009 to guide each step of our students toward their academic success. It is a place where all children, educators, and parents work diligently and cooperatively in academic pursuits, as well as in extra curricular activities. It is a place where students can uncover and develop the gifts and talents that lie within themselves. In addition to giving guidance to high school students on their college application process and sending our high school seniors off to college of their choice, our company specializes in teaching writing, reading, presentations, debate, mathematics, natural science (Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science), and life science (Biology) to all age groups.


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Programs Offered

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Test Prep

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Think & Write faculty is composed of dedicated teachers who persue their own academic advancements while teaching at Think & Write. All teachers at our center possess Teachers Certifications along with their BA and MA degrees in their specialized subject field. The teachers are currently employees of NYS DOE and they have a minimum of three years of teaching experience at a public or private schools.


Class Size

The academic subject classes consist of a maximum of four students per class with one to two teachers per class. Unlike the other test prep centers, our standardized test prep sessions admit up to only six or eight students per class with a minimum of four students.



We only admit students who are serious about learning and advancing themselves in the academics. A lot of our students are enrolled in our enrichment programs (gifted as well), however, many of the students are enrolled in our programs because they need extra help in their studies.

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