1. When do the semesters start?

We have a Fall Semester starting September, Spring Semester starting February, and Summer Semester starting July.

2. How many sessions are in a semester?

There are 18 sessions for each Fall and Spring Semesters, and 3-7 weeks for the Summer Programs.

3. How many students are in a class?

There are up to four students for regular classes and up to 8 for standardized prep sessions.

4. Who are the teachers?

All teachers are state or national board certified with at least a MA in their specialized field.

5. What are the field trips?

We have numerous field trips from museum visits to travels to Europe. You can check the calendar and register accordingly.

These trips are designed to broaden student’s perspectives in life.

6. How strict is the program?

If the student is well-disciplined meaning, the students consider homework assignments serious, eager to learn, fix their wrongdoings, respect themselves as well as their peers, the program would never be considered strict.

7. What if my child misses a lesson in a group session?

There is no make-up for the misses sessions for a group class.

8. How long would it take my child to get better in writing or in math?

Of course, that all depends on your support and your child’s focus, but if the child follows all the directions, gets everything done on time, and listens well in class, every child would progress after at least eight sessions.

9. Is there more discount to the program?

Yes. If your register by the early registration date. If you also introduce someone and that person registers for the Fall semester, there is a $100 credit toward the tuition.

In addition, we have a scholarship program where if you provide proofs of your financial difficulties and request a special consultation, your child may be qualified for a full scholarship program for a semester.

10. How hard are the homework assignments?

Each child is placed into the program according to their learning level. If the class is suitable for the child, the homework assignments should never be hard.