Pet Food Blankets Drive

Pet Food/Blankets Drive


Pet food and pet clothes drive for Animal Shelters
We are proud supporters of FreeKoreanDogs.Org and care.Org.
We collaborate with these two major organizations to assist them with animal rescue and rescued animals that fly into the United States of America for second chance.
Please donate any unopened, new, canned or freeze-dried foods/snacks for animals.
The foods can be for any animals: Dogs, Cats, Birds, wild life animals, etc.
Please ADOPT and not BUY!!

You may also donate any used pet clothes and blankets. We can never have enough of the blankets, especially.
When: Start December 10, 2018
Where: 366 N. Broadway Suite 206 Jericho, NY
How: You can bring your donation items and hand them/it over to one of our THINK & HELP high school volunteer students sitting by the reception cubicle.
Please HELP the speechless animals in need!

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