Food / Clothing Drive

Food/Clothing Drive

Food and Clothing Drive
As of 2018, THINK & HELP High School Volunteer Students decided to work with a non-for profit organization, Kids Stock the House.

We accept the following items as
Pasta, Sauce in Jars, Cereals, rice, flour, jams, peanut butter, dry food, and any other healthy, not opened foods.
You may also donate any used clothes.

When: Start December 10, 2018 until December 21, 2018
Where: 366 N. Broadway Suite 206 Jericho, NY
How: You can bring your donation items and hand them/it over to one of our THINK & HELP high school volunteer students sitting by the reception cubicle.
If you have to choose between being right and kind, please choose kind.
Happy Holidays!

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